design requires vision

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other companies have AMAZING & FUN office spaces. Rather than distancing workers from each other in corporate cubicles, companies opt for creative co-working spaces that encourage connection and teamwork. The designs are as varied as the imagination—Colorful—Playful—Comfortable—Social.

BUT large corporations are not the only businesses that care about design. Small businesses, with a bit of guidance, can transform a drab office into a creative hive of happy and productive employees. Case in Point—Green Light Real Estate in Montpelier, Vermont. 

When Ray Mikus, owner of Green Light Real Estate, first showed me his new headquarters, a large main room flanked by two offices, a boardroom, and kitchen, flecked wall-to-wall beige carpets, bandaid-colored walls, capped with fluorescent ceiling lights, the place looked world weary—a testament to everything that is wrong with dull office environments. He wanted to jazz it up, give his employees an incentive to come to work every day. Ray loves color, art, and lighting. We hired Highline Painting, replaced the fluorescent lighting with cool track lights, headed to IKEA & Office Environments for office furniture, and to  local artist, Danny Hendershot. AND VOILA! Green Light joined the ranks of Google with a design prototype for small businesses. All on a budget! 

Check out the transformation process in the slide show below. If your business or home needs a facelift, CONTACT A CLEAR SPACE for an estimate. We will work with you to create a space that matches your vision.

Deb turned our drab office into something bright, fun, and practical.
— Ray Mikus