For most of us coaching is synonymous with sports. From Little League up to pro sports, we imbue athletic coaches with power, respect, and a certain mystique. A great athletic coach is a person with the talent, experience, and the heart to bring out the very best in an individual or team.

But athletes are not the only people who use coaches. Professionals of every persuasion, from those in the arts to the business community employ coaches to help them focus and excel. Throughout the country public school districts have adopted coaching programs to help teachers identify strategies to improve classroom performance. Even surgeons hire coaches to help them refine their skills. 

Think of a coach as you would a personal trainer—a person committed to capturing your potential and motivating you to bring out your personal best. A coach is your advocate  who challenges you to define and achieve your goals, holds you accountable, and tracks your performance. 

Deb’s collaborative coaching process and infectious energy make working with her a gift. She helped me take stock my personal and professional life in ways I never would have imagined. Martha Stewart move over!


  • Maximize your potential.

  • Define and achieve goals.

  • Move through challenging life transitions.

  • Manage your time effectively.

  • Negotiate priorities.

  • Increase health and well-being.

  • Restore your work-life balance.


Coaching is the natural outgrowth of my work as an organizer. When people get organized they are able to imagine more possibilities for their lives and the desire to manifest them. Whether your goal seems straight forward, like losing weight and getting into shape, or more complex, like changing careers and overcoming obstacles to professional success, coaching yields an enormous return on your investment. Coaching begins with a consultation and continues with a series of monthly sessions.