Great Crowd for Waterbury Library Presentation on Home Organizing!

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They just kept coming! By the time we got started there was standing room only and the hallway behind me was filled with the overflow! Thanks to the Waterbury Public Library for hosting my talk on home organizing and to all the participants who trudged through the wintry temperatures to attend. It was a blast!

I'm presenting at The Waterbury Public Library Wednesday, January 10 @ 6 pm


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What: Organizing Presentation and Q&A at The Waterbury Public Library.

When: Wednesday, January 10, 6-8 pm

Where: 28 North Main Street, Suite 2 Waterbury, VT 05676 (802) 244-7036

Learn the process and benefits of downsizing, decluttering, and the principles of home organization. How do you get started? What should you tackle first? How to deal with accumulated paperwork, memorabilia, overflowing closets, storage, and workspace issues. Not to mention all those holiday decorations...

This presentation is for everyone who struggles with staying organized and dreams of downsizing and creating a clear space.

Illustration by Andrea Joseph


Cardboard Standing Desk $25! It's Awesome.

Spark—an adjustable standing desk from Ergodriven is a great alternative to expensive standing desks. Just got it. So cheap and easy to assemble. Super cool and ergonomic. 

Googlify Your Office!

Googlify Your Office!

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other companies have AMAZING & FUN office spaces. Rather than distancing workers from each other in corporate cubicles, companies opt for creative co-working spaces that encourage connection and teamwork. The designs are as varied as the imagination—Colorful—Playful—Comfortable—Social.

BUT large corporations are not the only businesses that care about design. Small businesses, with a bit of guidance, can transform a drab office into a creative hive of happy and productive employees. Case in Point—Green Light Real Estate in Montpelier, Vermont. 

When Ray Mikus, owner of Green Light Real Estate, first showed me his new headquarters, a large main room flanked by two offices, a boardroom, and kitchen, flecked wall-to-wall beige carpets, bandaid-colored walls, capped with fluorescent ceiling lights, the place looked world weary—a testament to everything that is wrong with dull office environments. He wanted to jazz it up, give his employees an incentive to come to work every day. Ray loves color, art, and lighting. We hired Highline Painting, replaced the fluorescent lighting with cool track lights, headed to IKEA & Office Environments for office furniture, and to  local artist, Danny Hendershot. AND VOILA! Green Light joined the ranks of Google with a design prototype for small businesses. All on a budget! 

Check out the transformation process in the slide show below. If your business or homes needs a facelift, CONTACT A CLEAR SPACE for an estimate. 

Check out my Q&A With Woodstock Magazine!

Check out my Q&A With Woodstock Magazine!

A place for everything . . .Spring-cleaning season is the perfect time to get your kitchen in order. Professional organizer Deb Fleischman owner of A Clear Space answers a few questions to help you get started. 

Green Light Realty Office Design


Green Light Realty in Montpelier, Vermont got the green light for an office design. Sleek IKEA furniture offers an economical solution for anyone looking to get rid of antiquated bulky furniture and create a modern clean space.  If you are looking for a home, check out their website.  Ray Mikus and his staff will be happy to help you find your dream house.

Tune In!

Tune In!

Check out my latest interview on OPEN MIKE, with host Hester Fuller on WDEV.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be invited back along with Grunts Move Junk for a conversation about organizing and spring cleaning. Have a listen. I come on at the 52 minute mark. You can find the audio link to the show HERE



Tax season is upon us. Need help getting your paperwork in order?

Are you are a private practitioner, have a home business, LLC, or need to track your personal expenses? A Clear Space will help you sort through your paperwork and help you set up systems to organize and access the information you will need to file your taxes. Business expense apps make it easier than ever to stay on top of your expenses.

Call for a free phone consultation.




Here's a summer project—Pare down your children’s toys and yard sale what they have outgrown. Keep toys accessible. Clear plastic bins can hold train sets, action figures, dolls, and blocks. Kids will put toys away in their proper bins if they are labeled and visible.

Beautifully Designed Standing Desk Shelf

Check out this streamlined standing desk shelf. It was custom designed for a very small space but does the trick beautifully and is ergonomic to boot. 

Lost & Found

New York Times Article on Keeping Societies. Click HERE 

O.K. It's Still FREEZING out but SPRING IS COMING and It's Time To...

What's in there anyway? Mine has clear containers with all our summer gear. They are labeled so I know what's what. If you get saddled every year with trying to figure out where your summer shoes are and where to put all your winter gear, it's time to invest in some clear containers and LABEL them: Winter Hats & Gloves, Summer Shorts. Rotate out. Rotate in. And if you are stuck with an overflowing pile of unworn clothes, it's time to sift, sort, and donate. Empty your space and make room for spring. Like I said. It's coming. 

Clear A Space

Well, one of my favorite bands, Lake Street Dive has a song called Clear a Space. It's not about organizing but worth a listen.

Downsizing Presentation at the Charlotte Senior Center

Last week I gave a presentation on downsizing to a lively group of participants at the Charlotte Senior Center in Charlotte Vermont. The talk focused on the process and benefits of downsizing in all its various incarnations—large home to small condo; living comfortably in retirement; bequeathing; creating a workspace for projects; managing paperwork; as well as the psychological benefits of letting go. Many thanks to Mary Recchia for organizing the even and inviting me to speak in this beautiful space.

The Upstanding Desk

Turn any desk or table into a standing desk using the adjustable, portable, affordable UpStanding Desk. Think on your feet.


A Surgeon Finds a Coach

In his article, Personal Best New Yorker writer Atul Gawande takes an in-depth look at the benefits of personal coaching from a unique perspective. The author is a surgeon trying to improve his game. His research also unveils the history of coaching, its enormous impact on our culture, and its relevance for the future of our personal development.


Great Turn-Out for Burlington Presentation

A diverse and spirited group of people turned out for my talk on downsizing at the Champlain Senior Center in Burlington, VT. Thanks to Executive Director Bonnie Campono, for hosting me and to all the folks who attended.